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Kenny Craig for Obion County Sheriff

Welcome to our website.  I hope you will find something here to convince you that I am the right person to vote for the Office of Sheriff in Obion County.  My name is Kenny Craig and I am the Democratic Candidate seeking the honor and privilege of your vote. Having lived in Obion County since the late 90's I have three sons all born and raised here. Kendall a 2017 graduate of Union City High School and currently assigned to Lackland AFB in Hampton VA serving his country as a USAF Airman; Kaleb who is a current Jr. at Union City High School and was selected as the MVP Defensive Player of the 2018 State Championship football game; and Kolby a 7th grader at Union City Middle School who plays on both the football and basketball team.  

I hope to visit with local citizens face to face and share in person my ideas, vision, and objectives to make the Sheriff's Department efficient, accountable, and relatable to the community in which we serve and police.  I have a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee at Martin, a Master's Degree in Christian Studies from Union University in Jackson, TN and over 15 years experience in law enforcement.  I have the skills, training, knowledge, understanding, and passion to lead the department with the professionalism that the residents of Obion County deserve and the Office of Sheriff requires.

As the only candidate with 10 years actual policing inside local schools both rural and urban inner city, I can offer a unique perspective of what it takes to keep schools safe. I am ready to implement changes, policies, and practices that need to be in place to keep our children safe when facing a threat.  As we learned from the most recent school shooting in Florida our schools are still vulnerable targets for acts of violence.  School safety will be my most immediate priority and look forward to working with the schools to ensure that the latest trends, procedures, and trainings are in place for both students and faculty to make us proactive and not reactive against potential threats.  Currently if someone gained access to any local school in Obion County to cause mass harm the response would probably be chaotic. I want to see the sheriff's department and school system work collaboratively together to develope a pragmatic intruder drill for students and school officials to practice and execute should that day come.  

As your next Sheriff I would actively seek to make the department more reflective of the community it serves.  Currently in the uniformed patrol division there are no women, Hispanic, or African-American officers. In our ever changing demographics it’s important that the Sheriff's Department become relative to the community. When the department looks like the community it serves it creates an opportunity for our residents to become involved in crime awareness and prevention by reporting crimes to and developing trust with officers. 

As bi-vocational pastor of a Baptist church for over 13 years I have been blessed to interact people from various walks and backgrounds of life. This experience has also given me tremendous experience in preparation, submission, and implementation of a fiscal budget.  The next sheriff will need these skills in order to be efficient and fiscally responsible.  I will be meticulous with spending and resource management in order to maintain a high level of accountability so that the department can operate sufficiently.    

I would appreciate your vote and support and your help to elect me as the next Sheriff.  I am greatly humbled by the opportunity to serve and will work tirelessly to serve and protect the citizens of our county if given the awesome responsibility to do so.

 -Kenny Craig

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